Hey reader, I’m Larry Walls. Killed lots of weeds in my customers’ lawns and have tons of happy customers. I used to guide my clients about which weed killer is best for them, what quantity they should best and what precautions they must take before and after spraying weed killer.

Why I started this website?

One day I was buying weed killer from Amazon and I thought I should check some reviews first and opened some sites. I was shocked that people with zero experience about weeds were reviewing harmful and low quality products and most of them were having 5 stars ratings and to be honest they all were useless to me.

With my daily routine work I started this blog so I can guide people what weed killer they should chose for their gardens and what is the best one for them.

Business details:

450 Orchard Street
Apple Valley, MN 55124.

Phone: +1-952-891-5231

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