How to Make Homemade Weed Killer?

A weed is an unwanted plant that can grow in any human controlled or natural plantation. Weeds obscure the nutrients, sunlight, and space for the desired plants and thus inhibit the growth of the plant and reduce its production yield. Weeds can grow by the spread of seeds by winds, waterways, animals, birds and human activities such as machinery.

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How to Control Weeds?

There are various ways to control the growth of weeds. Some people suggest that pulling the weed plants up is the best method to go about weed control, but that is a fallacy because when the weed plant is pulled from the soil, some part of it, either the roots or the seeds get left out in the soil and the weeds can sprout again from them. The other most popular and the effective method is the use of medicines and weed killers. Such weed killers are readily available in the market and they can also be easily made at home thus saving the user a considerate amount of money.


Various weed killers

We will focus on how to make the weed killer at home with a special focus on vinegar weed killer and natural weed killer.                                                         

Over the passage of time vinegar has proved to be an effective weed killer. As compared to commercial weed killers vinegar weed killer has following advantages over them:

  • It is eco-friendly
  • It will not harm pets
  • It will not harm environment

To make the vinegar weed killer more effective and result oriented, add some table salt, but in this case, care has to be taken to pour the solution only on the weeds and not on the soil as this might destroy the fertility of the soil.


  • White vinegar
  • Bucket
  • Table salt
  • Long handled stirrer (spoon)
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • Funnel
  • Empty plastic container
  • Liquid dishwashing soap

The process:

Making the vinegar homemade weed killer is an easy five-step process.

  1. Take one gallon of vinegar; take the concentration depending on the number of weeds and how effectively you want them dead.
  2. Now add one cup of table salt, stir with a long handle spoon and remember to wear gloves.
  3. To make the solution of table salt and vinegar adhesive, add one tablespoon of the liquid This will help the solution to cling to the surface of the weed and not fall on the soil.
  4. Do not put the solution directly onto the weeds. Use a spray bottle to spray so that it can be more effective.
  5. Make sure that the leftover weed killer is stored in a cool place and clearly labeled and is out of the reach of the children.

If you want to make sure that nothing grows on this soil again and it remains infertile, repeat the process four to five teams, this will make sure that the spot is cleared for all plants and weeds.

The best time and frequency of application of homemade weed killer

Before you target the weeds with vinegar, study about them a bit, get to know them. Make sure that you target annual seeds before they set seed. For perennial seeds, which are difficult to handle, take off their followers when you see them and then apply vinegar on them. Check the weather forecast for your region, make sure that you choose a sunny and dry day to apply the weed killer on weeds as if it rains the weed killer will float on to the soil and it will be harmful to the soil and other plants as well. Make sure that this dry stretch continues for at least three days. Because the real damage to weeds will only occur when the sun hits the weeds for next couple of days. Depending upon the type and amount of weeds, apply the weed killer until you get the desired result but keep the soil safe from repeated application.

Some other homemade methods to kill weeds

The methods described below are natural methods and do not need commercial grade chemicals to kill weeds.

  • Soak with boiling Water:

This is one of the easiest ways to kill and boil the weeds. Boil water and pour it over the weeds. This will destroy the weeds. Boiling water will kill the weeds by destroying their internal mechanism. In this way, the weeds will die and the area can be replanted without the weeds.

  • Firing the weeds up:

Yes, you read that right. By applying direct heat to weeds, one kills the internal structure of the weeds and weeds will wilt in no time. You can use a flame to destroy the weeds.

  • Use Borax:

Borax is a laundry and cleaning product. One can easily get it from a nearby grocery store. Add ten ounces of borax to approximately ten gallons of water and shake it well and thoroughly. Now put the mixture in a bottle spray and soak the weeds in it. Make sure that you avoid contact with bare skin and limit the application only to weeds. A minute amount will not really hurt the soil and its fertility, but if the concentration increases, it might ring a bell of worry.