How to Kill Crabgrass

Crabgrass is a type of lawn weed. A weed is often regarded as an unwanted and invasive plant that grows along the human controlled plantations like gardens, lawns, and farms and natural plantations like forests. These plants take up nutrients, sunlight, and space of desired and actual plants and grow at more pace than them. Weeds grow by spreading the seeds and the seeds are spread by winds, waterways, animals, birds and human activities.

Killing the crabgrass

In order to effectively eradicate crabgrass from your front lawn or back garden, it is important to know that what is crabgrass and what are its characteristics. Explained following are some of its characteristics:

  • Crabgrass is annually occurring. It keeps coming back each year.
  • It is native to tropical and warm climatic regions.
  • It can spread thousands of seeds during the season causing its numbers to multiply in an uncontrolled
  • Crabgrass is a tough and aggressive weed.
  • Crabgrass can thrive on dried out patches of your lawn and sun-scorched Crabgrass if left untreated can spread to the whole of the lawn and destroy the actual grass by consuming its nutrients, sunlight, and space.
  • Crabgrass is also known as finger-grass.

 It is easy to fight your enemy once you know well about it.

Methods to Kill Crabgrass

If you’re lazy enough then buy a crabgrass killer now and don’t bother to make a crabgrass killer yourself.

There are a lot of ways to keep crabgrass out of your lawn. As it is an annual weed, it will sprout every year, but you can keep it away before it gains control of your lawn. Following are some of the methods to kill crabgrass in an effective way.

Fight crabgrass with a healthy lawn

One of the best and easiest ways to fight crabgrass is to keep your lawn healthy, thick and well attended to. A thick layer of grass in your lawn will reduce the sunlight reaching the crabgrass so they will not sprout.  Some simple steps explained below can help you achieve this:

  • Watering: water your lawn thoroughly and in detail once a week. This will help the roots reach deep in the soil. Small and frequent session of watering will result in dislocation of the roots from the soil.
  • Mowing: Make sure that you mow your grass to a height of two to three inches as this will ensure that grass maintains its vitality and the crabgrass is not given a chance to attack your lawn.
  • Reducing compaction: By reducing the compaction in your soil, the chances of crabgrass growing in your lawn will decrease.
  • Choosing the right fertilizers: Make sure that you choose a good fertilizer for your grass and its amount should be well measured before application depending on the area of your lawn.
  • Reseeding some patches: If there are some areas in your lawn which are totally damaged by weeds, then you can always reseed them by putting in healthy grass.

Take action to crabgrass sprout

Another way to deal with the crabgrass is to take action before they sprout, you will need a plastic bottle, a sprayer and crabgrass preventer which is easily available from the nearby garden accessory store. The best time to apply this preventer is the spring season. In this way, you can keep your garden clear in the summer season. The trick in this method is the timing to apply the preventer. If the timing is not correct, then the soil will break down the chemicals in the preventer and results will not be as much effective. The best way to judge the right time is by paying attention to the grass of your lawn. When your garden is in between the second and third mowing of the year, apply the preventer in between this and spread it thoroughly with the help of the spray bottle. Lawns in driveways, footpaths, and near building absorb a lot of sunlight during the summer season, so the chances of crabgrass growing there are high. Such patches can be sprayed more frequently to control the growth of crabgrass.

Removing dead Crabgrass

After the application of the preventer, it is very important to pick the dead crabgrass completely. As any dead crabgrass can contain the seeds and the seeds can grow again and the crabgrass will sprout again.

Cut them while they are young

This is also a very effective method to deal with the crabgrass. You just need to grab your garden tools, wear your gloves and get to work. Pulling crabgrass is a surprisingly effective method to get rid of crabgrass because the seeds have not been laid at this time and germination can be avoided.

Give up and start all over again

There may come a time when the crabgrass gets out of control and cover almost half or more than half of our lawn. It is the time to go all down on them.  Kill all vegetation by applying a herbicide that won’t impact your soil. Depending on the instructions mentioned on the herbicide, your lawn will dry by the mentioned time. Now set up your lawn using a good quality green grass and take care of your garden.