Ways to get Rid of Garden Weeds Naturally

Weed can be quite an issue when it comes to healthy gardening. Not only it looks unpleasant but it also affects the look and beauty of your lawn. There is no affirmative way that we can prevent the entrance of weed in the garden, but there are ways that we can use to get rid of them and prevent their growth in the future.

Common method used

One of the most common ways of getting rid of garden weed is pulling it directly. Pulling the weed from the ground sounds like a permanent option, but it is not. It leaves the ground rough and you may drop some pollen of weed while pulling it; which can result in the future growth of weed. So we do not recommend pulling the weed plant. There are other preferable ways to get rid of weed permanently. Let us have a look at them. These are simple remedies to keep unwanted weed away from your garden and prevent all the infiltration.

Boiling water

This is the finest and the least expensive way of getting rid of the garden weed. All you have to do is just pour boiling water on the weed. It will burn up the roots of the weed plants and prevent them from growing again. This can be done on the weed that grows on walkways and driveways.

Baking soda

You can sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the ground or the concrete to cover up the weed plants. Baking soda has a lot of sodium in it, which will kill the roots and growing stems of weed plants. Moreover, baking soda makes the ground less hospitable for the weed.


We have loads of newspapers in the house that we have to through away in the garbage later. only a few people know that weed needs extensive sunlight and air to grow and spread. If you suffocate the weed plants with wet newspapers, they will not get enough room to breathe and grow; eventually, they will die.  Suffocation will kill the existing weed and prevent the new ones from growing as well. Moreover, wet newspapers will give the soil healthy moisture which will be a support for the plants you do not want to damage.

Vinegar spray

A concentrated solution of water and vinegar has also been proved to be a good solution towards unwanted weed plants. Vinegar is an opportunity weed killer, so be careful while you spray the area. You would not want to damage the desirable plants in your garden. Just spray on the weed plants and you see them gone in just a few days. It is best for weed with waxy leaves like thistle or pennywort.


If you have just quit drinking, then you can still make something useful out of the vodka you have in your bar. Mix one ounce of vodka with two cups of water and just a few drops of dish washing soap. Mix it well and spray only on the unwanted weed plants. It may not work so good on the weed that grows in shade, but it works amazing for the sun loving weed.

Shower curtains

Shower curtains are considered useless when you get the news ones. You can always spread the old ones in garden paths or between the rows. It will prevent the weed from popping their heads out of the ground. They will suffocate and the seeds will not generate roots. You can cover them with mulch for better results.


Table salt can also be helpful in getting rid of garden weed naturally. However, you will have to be specific about the quantity of salt you are going to use, or you can make the garden infertile forever. Sprinkle salt at the edges of your lawn, garden path, and sidewalks.

Oil the weed

Essential oils or vegetable oil that you use for cooking is also a good way to get rid of undesirable weed plants. Dribble the oil on the weed and coat well. it smothers them, suffocate the seeds and does not let them grow.

Have chicken as your pet

It may be a surprising thing, but chicken love weed. They pluck the weed at their earliest stage, which obviously does not let them grow further. Just have a few chicks in your garden and leave them to wonder around; they will clean your garden from the entire weed.

Weed cleaning can be a tough job, but with these remedies, you can do it quickly and efficiently. We hope these tips will help you get a prettier and healthier garden in the future.